Our Process

  • Client email project description to ZoDev Productions management team (info@ZoDev.com).
  • Client provides project materials (sketches, reference images, and detail project description)
  • Proposal sent to client within 24 hours after receipt of project materials
  • Client approves proposal and sends deposit
  • Preview of image/animation provided to Client within 1 week
  • Animations and 3D models take approximately 2-3 weeks
  • Beta image provided to Client for approval
  • Preliminary image provided to Client for final approval
  • Bill for final payment sent to Client upon final approval of images
  • Final images are emailed to Client
A 50% deposit will be required at the start of a project. The remaining balance is due upon approval of the final design. New projects will be placed on hold if the outstanding balance reaches 15 days old.

Deliverables to the Client

Renderings – Formats Available:

  • JPEG
  • TiFF
  • GIF
  • PNG

Renderings – High Quality Resolutions Available:

  • 1600×1200
  • 3200×2400

Renderings – High Quality Resolutions Available:

  • .MP3
  • .MP4
  • .WMV
  • .AVI
  • .MOV


Standard Project Timelines:

  • 3-5 days for express images
  • 5-7 days for standard images
  • 10-15 business days for short animations
  • 20-30 business days for long animations and interactive presentations